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kymyit asked: are you going to do again some digimon related fan arts? *^*

It has been a while hasn’t it?

I haven’t had enough inspiration to do any Digimon fanwork for myself in several years.  How I mean that is, even though I still like Digimon, I can only focus on so much at one time, so I tend to go with which ever series/character is currently inspiring me the strongest. This way I can actually get any kind of fanwork for myself completed.

Commissions, trades, and such are different matter.  I think the last Digimon- related drawing I made was a commission, if I recall correctly.

 I have several 26 and 13 pocket accordion-style folders full of unfinished sketches from various series, as well as folders and folders of digital files. I never loose the love for my past inspirations, if that is a concern at all, and I do revisit them.  It simply comes down to what I’m able to devote my extra time to, sadly.

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