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*come online this morning and see my Shreeve portrait got fave spammed last night on tumblr and my art galleries*

Thanks everybody, really. :)

I can only assume the sudden attention is due to the info released yesterday about Shriek’s upcoming appearance in the comics. Happy to see other people are as excited about it as I am. Whether the story turns out good or bad, it is the fact he is being acknowledged and included that is important to me. It means new art of him to look forward to… plus the appearance may give me more insight into his technology, which I’m super excited for!

One thing is for sure, seeing the comic cover was just the thing I needed to get me re-ignited on my costume.  The last week had me a little down, but I’m back on the right wavelength now.

…so I wont be online too much the next couple of weeks, since I have to ride these inspiration waves hard while I have them.

#time to get covered in glue #and smell like burnt foam #wheres my coffee

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  1. skinpigeon said: Covered in epoxy, contact cement, hot glue, and burnt foam? Are you TRYING to get Galen all over you?
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