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Ok, so turbo61 asked for the Prince and gave me these amazing lines for him. Then, someone mentioned that they wanted Logan and Barry, and the lines were so good I had to use more than one of them.

I’m sorry for the Barry card, I’m not too creative so just used one of his lines and you’d be surprised at the lack of pictures of him.

Awesome. Barry! And more Logan!

(That means a free evening for me then. ~_^)

Sorry I didn’t see these earlier, Minascene.  Thanks for adding them!

Have a great Valentines Day everyone!

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Do you not have a 360 anymore?
Never actually had one to myself.  My friend would lend me her system when I wanted to play, but she moved last year. 
I still have an old Xbox so that I can play Fable:tlc though.  Just really miss the newer games, especially 2. I prefer the customization and clothing/weapon options, as well as the way you interact with multiple people simultaneously on that one.  Has some of my favorite scenery too. I feel instantly soothed with a stroll through Brightwood, watching the sunlight rise and set, changing the colors of the trees… it is just beautiful.
#I jack around a lot on the fable games #just strolling around admiring the scenery #who needs quests #I prefer to use cleavers

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It has been a full year now since I’ve been able to play Fable II and III, and it is killing me. 

#I use fable game playthroughs like people use alcohol #and man could I use some stiff drinks right now #several #I could use several

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Sweettartslover: GOOD NEWS FABLE FANS!


Just received a reply from Lionhead concerning our question about weather or not we’d see any more content about our favorite characters.

And it’s pretty great sounding. I’ll type it out for you here:

Hi *all our names here* (Phew!),

Firstly, thank you for your letter, it’s always great to get feedback from our fans so it’s no trouble at all.

The choose your own adventure that focused on Ben Finn that we ran on Lionhead.com proved very popular with our community, so we hope to run another series that focuses on another character (or maybe multiple characters) and gives you guys more of an insight into the back story of both Albion and the people living there. We’re always looking for great content to put on our facebook page and website, and based on the quality of your letter we’d be honored if you would submit your own story, based on one of the characters you mentioned. We’ll then check the facts with our writers here and upload it for the world to see. If you would prefer to submit this via email, please drop me an email at a-pesimm@microsoft.com.

Hopefully this will reach you in time to wish you a very happy christmas and a great new year.

Many thanks,

Pete Simmons

Digital Marketing Manager

Lionhead studios

I can’t right now-

I just- I’m happy.

Was that a compliment on the way I write my letters?

Wow!  Good luck with your story writing, guys.  That is a truly awesome opportunity.

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