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*come online this morning and see my Shreeve portrait got fave spammed last night on tumblr and my art galleries*

Thanks everybody, really. :)

I can only assume the sudden attention is due to the info released yesterday about Shriek’s upcoming appearance in the comics. Happy to see other people are as excited about it as I am. Whether the story turns out good or bad, it is the fact he is being acknowledged and included that is important to me. It means new art of him to look forward to… plus the appearance may give me more insight into his technology, which I’m super excited for!

One thing is for sure, seeing the comic cover was just the thing I needed to get me re-ignited on my costume.  The last week had me a little down, but I’m back on the right wavelength now.

…so I wont be online too much the next couple of weeks, since I have to ride these inspiration waves hard while I have them.

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Why not write it like Shreeve’s blog or diary or something, like his own notes on his sound suit?

That is pretty much the idea.  Catalog and present the research and results in the role of Walter Shreeve.
Being as true as I can to the science fact available now (including the theories and work regarding future advances/inventions)  and the technology of Batman Beyond. Science Fiction with the true scientific basis, not Fantasy.  All of this coming out through the thoughts of Shreeve with diagrams, and photos of my props, equipment and costume to give it realism.  I also intend to blog real research articles and videos relating to sound, audio equipment and the sense of hearing. Bits of information that Shreeve would keep in his research/reference files.   I’ve had the idea of this sort of rp blog dancing around in my head since I started collecting materials for my sound suit.

It wouldn’t be all engineering all the time,  I would also include his feelings regarding the other characters, and the events that occur in
the series… such as potential anxiety relating to his failing business, dealing with Derek Powers, finding a competent assistant… and of course the BIG one, how important his hearing was to him, trying to cope with the loss, and his efforts to regain it (which during this time would involve Biomedical Engineering/Biomedical Electronics/Bionics along side his usual research, as well as some articles/videos relating to lipreading and ASL).
 Oh, and Francis insists that Ollie make appearances too. lol.

My 2D fan art would show up on there, when appropriate. Many of Shreeve’s experiences I want to illustrate, as I have a very specific image of him, and I think words alone can not do it justice.
My main concern is keeping a balance… the worry that viewers wouldn’t take all my efforts seriously or wouldn’t find a blog of this sort “fun enough” to care.  Of course I want to do this for Walter Shreeve himself, since I am fascinated by the character, and I wouldn’t be making art/props/cosplay relating to him if the inspiration was not strong enough… it would just be reassuring to know that there are others who have a similar view of him and interest in his work.

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