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Ok, so turbo61 asked for the Prince and gave me these amazing lines for him. Then, someone mentioned that they wanted Logan and Barry, and the lines were so good I had to use more than one of them.

I’m sorry for the Barry card, I’m not too creative so just used one of his lines and you’d be surprised at the lack of pictures of him.

Awesome. Barry! And more Logan!

(That means a free evening for me then. ~_^)

Sorry I didn’t see these earlier, Minascene.  Thanks for adding them!

Have a great Valentines Day everyone!

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Batman Beyond Valentines featuring Shriek.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yep, spent my afternoon making these instead of drawing porn and building armor, so I hope you like them.

#sorry they are not drawings #did not have time #the Wheres Terry episode had perfect facial expressions #so I couldn’t resist

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